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Here’s one of the sets on todays #dlbdaily BACK workout. A little uni-lateral LAT work. I love straight arm pull downs because I get more mind-muscle connection. The straight-arm pulldown is great for anyone who can’t feel their lats working ...
Alternating High/Low Bulgarian Split Squat: This is one of my new favorite exercises that you can target both quadriceps and hamstrings just but changing the angle of your torso. Keeping your chest/torso upright and coming straight down and up will ...
It’s DELT Homicide today on the #dlbdaily !! So you can go thank @lobo__films for this shoulder day motivation!! Gets the people goin... now get after it and thank him later (and me and @killrobbailey too) later.
#delthomicide ☠️
Timeline Photos Can we just take a moment and appreciate my gym swag.... #allthingsFnF @flagnorfail
Timeline Photos 2 days in a row guys and I feel pretty good!!! #progress !!! My goal right now with training is to do just enough to make me feel good. Basically pump workouts. I need to remind myself daily, you don’t ...
NEW #DLBdailey Exclusive LEG DAY video is up!! Make sure to check it out before hitting the gym tonight. I think my favorite exercise of this workout is the High/Low Bulgarians...don’t know what that is???!! Well you better go watch ...
Timeline Photos Normally I like to be in charge of the workout, however, when bro is built like a Clydesdale workhorse, I step aside and let him take the reigns.
Had a Massive Leg day today with REL athlete, @ryyyyan who ...
Timeline Photos DAY 2 @bodypowerexpo done! Tomorrow is our LAST day here in the UK 🇬🇧 and LAST day of the @bodypowerexpo ! Thank you to everyone that made the trip out to see us AND we hope to meet the rest ...
Great podcast with someone that I’ve always admired and respected tremendously, @krisgethin !! I love his mentality, his mental strength, his views on training and his unique DTP style of training, a businessman, an author, a super athlete, and literally ...
Timeline Photos Day 4...I’m on a roll!! Kaia hitting her best side Tri with me. I got her on that aaaaaangle tho. #ionlyhavegooddays
Whewwww. This little underhand set REKT me. Underhand bent BB row with underhand inverted row till failure. Do You want to pump a bunch a blood in your back and arms, do this on your next back day. #dlbdaily
Timeline Photos Best purchase everrr... and I feel more energized after what felt like the hardest 45min Tabata ride of my life... Thanks @robinnyc you kicked my ass! #summershred
Timeline Photos What’s your favorite color?? #allblackeverythaaaang 🖤
@flagnorfail ✖️@thewarhousegym United in Strength heavy windbreaker available
Timeline Photos #allblackeverythaaang ♣️♠️🖤
Only Good Days hoodie and tee available at @flagnorfail
Timeline Photos ❤️ I Only Have Good Days... with @killrobbailey
Not every day is perfect, nor would I ever want it to be. It’s those bumps in the road, hurdles that you have to jump, the roadblocks, mistakes, and failures where ...
Timeline Photos Not every workout is a good workout. Seems as though I been having fewer good ones in this last month. I’ll chalk it up to still recovering. However, I’m smiling because ya know what, shit could be worse. Shit could ...
Timeline Photos HOLA Mexico 🇲🇽!!!
I am so EXCITED to announce that WE coming to the Fit Weekend expo @thefitweekend in Mexico City. Come meet me and @killrobbailey and many other athletes at the World Trade Center this June 22/23! Hope ...
Day 2, @bodypowerexpo , Let’s Gooooooooo!!! See you guys there!!!
🎥edit: @lobo__films
Photos from Dana Linn Bailey's post WE ARE BACK in the UK 🇬🇧!!! And we are so excited to see you guys!! We have a pretty busy schedule trying to make different ways to hear us talk, be able to ask us questions, and of course ...
Love love love GIANT Sets! Today’s #dlbdaily shoulder day was all giant sets. I love filling up my shoulders with a ton of volume. I like throwing 3-4 exercises at them at time kinda like a circuit. Keeps the workout ...
Photos from Dana Linn Bailey's post Getting a little one-on-one striking lesson here in the UK from my favorite professional heavyweight boxer and friend @mikerashid !!!
📸: @trellimages 🙌🏼
@ Emporium Health & Fitness
Dana Linn Bailey is at Emporium Health & Fitness.
Try this on your next Shoulder Day!! Your anterior delts will love/hate you. The last exercise is the real nail in the coffin ⚰️! #ded
This tri-Set is from yesterday’s #DLBdaily shoulder day workout. Join me there, and let’s ...
The best part of traveling to the UK.... Training at @emporiumgym !!! The music. The energy. The atmosphere. It makes you want to train!! If you ever find yourself in Birmingham, this is the gym you got to train at.
Timeline Photos United in Strength ✖️ @flagnorfail ✖️ @thewarhousegym
To piggy back off my last post... Here’s a little motivation for you if you need some today. There’s something about pushing your body to its limits of what it can actually handle....and just just flirt a little bit with ...
Timeline Photos 🏰 🇬🇧
Timeline Photos ✌🏼Later 🇺🇸 See you soon 🇬🇧 OFF to see you guys at @bodypowerexpo
Timeline Photos I get this question on a regular basis: “what keeps you so motivated?”
And I never have a great answer, because I can’t explain what’s inside me. But I do know, when I look at myself in the mirror, ...
@flagnorfail ❌ @thewarhousegym brand collab releasing TONIGHT at 9PM Eastern. It’s got that old school original FNF style with that positive gym swag from WHG. Are you guys even ready??!!!!
Get Ready. Go check out the Blog. Release happens ...

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Our Mission: RevolutioniZe nutritional counseling is determined to help anyone develop the tools necessary to maintain a lifestyle of healthy eating. We are not a fad diet program or full of fancy tricks. What we do have, is a plan that can be customized to your specific goals and body composition. Whether you are interested in weight management, contest prep, or furthering your education in the field of nutrition, we can help you reach your goals.

RevolutioniZe practices flexible dieting and builds your nutrition program based off of your customized macronutrient profile. This can be applied to any lifestyle you choose, whether it's "Paleo", vegan/vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, organic, athletic performance nutrition, contest prep, and so on!

What's included?
RevolutioniZe will sit down with you, and based on your goals, will calculate your customized macronutrient profile. With that information, we will design your meal template and teach you how to swap foods appropriately. We invite you to our storefront for weekly check ins and scheduled appointments for body composition testing and measurements throughout the program. We believe in offering support and constant contact during your time with us to make sure you learn as much as you can about proper nutrition and how to apply it to your lifestyle. Our store front will also be stocked with specifically selected, high quality supplements and health food, that you can purchase at your convenience to aid you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

If you have any questions regarding what RevolutioniZe can offer you, please contact Michele Zandman-Frankel or Randy Frankel via email at or phone  732-462-LEAN (5326)
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    I went to this place on a a recommendation from a friend and signed up for 3 months. Prior to signing up, I had been talking about going to a nutritionist...

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    Revolutionize is amazing! High energy from everyone that works there. Fit 3D scan helps keep you on track as well as help see the changes in your body month...

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    Great group of people !

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