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Form good habits! Create and follow a healthy lifestyle. CHOOSE to make time for yourself,... Form good habits! Create and follow a healthy lifestyle. CHOOSE to make time for yourself, whether it's your workout, prep your meals so you stay on track, or another healthy hobby. It relieves stress and reminds you that you can ... +1s 0 0 0
Live life at your greatest potential.

🚵🏻‍♀️ : Going to the Sun Road (Avalanche to Big Bend ~ 15mi ~ elevation gain about 3,000ft+ @glaciernps

📸: by @horohophoto
11 years today... and for the last 5 years we would fly to Montana for our Anniversary. Well this year, we couldn’t break tradition...This year we got to stay home ❤️!! 11 years and I think we are doing this ...
Cruising into the weekend like...... #reckless #onlyforthepicture #iwearhelmets #TW200
Dana Linn Bailey is in Columbia Falls, Montana.
Happy Birthday to us!!! Rob 5-27 and Me 5-30 🎈🎉 one day we may grow up... Thanks @j_bailey10.4 and @drew.j.bailey and Errrrrrrbody for an awesome day!! 🏌🏽‍♀️⛳️
06.08.18 RELEASE Girls Release TOMORROW!!!! Go check out the blog
Summer is almost here and its getting hot. So what do you need for Summer?? Well of course the perfect flowy, light weight, T-back training tank; designed by DLB herself! She ...
DLB vs. Tito Raymond | 30 Min Circuit DEATH It’s not very often, actually it’s the rarest of rare occasions, that someone legitimately kicks my ass....And @titoraymond did just that...

Full video, workout and blog post below. Try the the Circuit of Death and let me know what you ...
HOUSTON!!!! See you this weekend at the American Fitness Expo
Hi we are the Baileys...

and that’s actually what his hair looks like..
Dana Linn Bailey is with Dana Linn Bailey in Houston, Texas.
High Volume Leg Day:
1️⃣ single leg curl
2️⃣ leg press (feet low)
3️⃣ stiff leg deads / vertical leg press
4️⃣ leg extensions with drop set/ hack squat
5️⃣ lying leg curls

4-5 sets of 12-15 reps of everythaaaaang
Photos from Dana Linn Bailey's post Release in about 1 HOUR ‼️ We’ll be releasing 5 NEW String Tanks and Black Leggings at 12 PM EST TODAY!! @flagnorfail
Dana Linn Bailey added 3 new photos.
@ihviiimattvincent exhausted from shoulder day. Not sure if he was ready. We started with 200 reps of dumbbell lateral raises for our first exercise... #shoulderdayharderthanme
Dana Linn Bailey is at Access Fitness Kalispell.
How to end an already great day.... #weonlyhavegooddays
Dana Linn Bailey is at Big Mountain, Whitefish Mt.
Photos from Dana Linn Bailey's post So about last night.... PROM circa 1986!! Happy birthday Jack!
Dana Linn Bailey added 4 new photos — with Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey.
TOP 10 FATHERS DAY GIFTS Father’s Day is coming up and we have some ideas for you... at 20% OFF!!! Hook yo dad up
In honor of Father’s Day being this Sunday, we decided to throw together our Top 10 Favorite FNF items for ...
If you've ever thought about doing a bikini or figure competition read this!If you've ever thought about doing a bikini or figure competition read this! - RevolutioniZe Nutrition - Google+ +1s 0 0 0
What keeps you motivated? I get this question pretty much daily. And I’m not ever sure if I ever explain it right and reasons do change....but THIS is part of the reason why I enjoy going to the gym. The ...
When in Venice..... 💪🏼 #goldgymvenice
ALL NEW ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE NOW ‼️ 5 NEW Women’s String Tanks, featuring our FNF Camo designs; available in: red, black, white, blue, and olive 🙌 We have also released FNF Leggings in BLACK ✖️ Hope you enjoy this #BTS ...
Photos from Dana Linn Bailey's post It’s not very often that someone legitimately kicks my ass... And yesterday @titoraymond did just that. I hated you and loved you for all 38mins of death. This was the workout he planned for me and he coach me the ...
Photos from Dana Linn Bailey's post When it’s 95 degrees in the gym and the lighting is good...the hardest part is picking your favorite... so post all dem #dealwithit I’m digging this hot weather training in Houston!
Dana Linn Bailey added 3 new photos — at ...
Photos from Dana Linn Bailey's post One of my favorite things is seeing an product that I help design finally come alive!!! These have been a long time in the making and I excited to introduce to you our @flagnorfail ’s newest girls training tank. It’s ...

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Our Mission: RevolutioniZe nutritional counseling is determined to help anyone develop the tools necessary to maintain a lifestyle of healthy eating. We are not a fad diet program or full of fancy tricks. What we do have, is a plan that can be customized to your specific goals and body composition. Whether you are interested in weight management, contest prep, or furthering your education in the field of nutrition, we can help you reach your goals.

RevolutioniZe practices flexible dieting and builds your nutrition program based off of your customized macronutrient profile. This can be applied to any lifestyle you choose, whether it's "Paleo", vegan/vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, organic, athletic performance nutrition, contest prep, and so on!

What's included?
RevolutioniZe will sit down with you, and based on your goals, will calculate your customized macronutrient profile. With that information, we will design your meal template and teach you how to swap foods appropriately. We invite you to our storefront for weekly check ins and scheduled appointments for body composition testing and measurements throughout the program. We believe in offering support and constant contact during your time with us to make sure you learn as much as you can about proper nutrition and how to apply it to your lifestyle. Our store front will also be stocked with specifically selected, high quality supplements and health food, that you can purchase at your convenience to aid you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

If you have any questions regarding what RevolutioniZe can offer you, please contact Michele Zandman-Frankel or Randy Frankel via email at or phone  732-462-LEAN (5326)
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    Revolutionize is amazing! High energy from everyone that works there. Fit 3D scan helps keep you on track as well as help see the changes in your body month...

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    Great group of people !

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